Astronomy Project

Astronomy Video

You will work in production teams to produce a 4-6 minute Astronomy video like one could find on YouTube or Google Videos.  Your video will compile images/clips from NASA websites and put it together in such a way as to teach the class about your topic.  You’re not just making a slide show of interesting pictures; you’re making a slide show that TEACHES the class about the interesting pictures.  Accurate science content is one of the most important aspects.

You will need a USB drive for your group to collect information (one per group will work, more if necessary).  If you would like, you and your group members can produce the video at home with your own equipment, but we will be working with PhotoStory on the science laptops to produce the video in class.

A successful video will include:

The final due date for your video will be Tuesday, June 2.  You may submit rough cuts of your video for feedback anytime before the final due date.